Harvey & Adam’s dreams came true because of surrogacy. We documented their journey in our series BABY SOS…



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Fertility Fest founder Jessica Hepburn recounts her journey trying to become a parent


‘Baby Dreams’ author Louise Warneford shares insights from her 18 year battle

Endometriosis column

Emma Vs Endo

Emma Vs Endo is our painfully honest, often hilarious column about a young woman attempting to make peace with this brutal condition. As Emma herself says – if you really do hate your womb, how can you expect it to make a baby for you?

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Everything Meghan did to get pregnant at 39

The Duchess of Sussex is pregnant again, and we couldn’t be happier for her! After her devastating early pregnancy loss last year, the Princess bravely faced the world’s media with a thoughtful essay about her miscarriage. While a new pregnancy does not replace the...

Can a fertility app tell if you have COVID-19?

Thousands of women worldwide use fertility apps to figure out when they are fertile. Could these apps also help to control the spread of COVID-19? Natural Cycles is a popular app that uses information such as period dates and temperature readings. While there are many...

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Harvey and Adam’s surrogacy journey

Reality TV – Baby SOS

Endometriosis in-depth

Dark Fertility series

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The real lesson from Meghan’s miscarriage essay

The real lesson from Meghan’s miscarriage essay

Sensitive topic: Miscarriage We've all had a rough year in 2020, and it's really time to take the "Be Kind" message on board for 2021. This includes forgiving ourselves and healing from any and all of the guilt of the past 12 months, especially if it involves failing...



Natalie Silverman

Our Agony Aunty Jo Sinclair interviewed the famous fertility podcaster Natalie Silverman!

The Fertility Podcast is the UK’s longest-running podcast dedicated to reproductive health and listened to in over 100 countries and has had over half a million downloads to date. It is constantly ranked in the top 200 in the Apple Health Podcast charts.

You’ll want to grab a cuppa for this warm and fascinating discussion, between two powerhouse women with a passion for all things fertility.



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