Why does this page have a Star Wars theme?

Photographs of newborns, scans and pregnant women can be hugely triggering for people having a rough time with infertility or pregnancy loss.

We’ve decided not to show these images on this part of our website. You might see Baby Yoda, but no human babies on this page! You’re safe to browse your options, even if you’re feeling delicate or low about these issues.


May the Force be with you!

Making Families

There are so many ways to make a family! Whether you’re exploring your IVF and IUI options, considering surrogacy or looking to adopt, we’ve got you covered!


IVF can be daunting at first, but we’ll walk you through the whole process, with expert advice and real-life experience. 


Adoption is a complex issue, and we’re here to help you to process the questions, emotions and practicalities. 


Considering surrogacy? It’s vital to be well-informed, and we’ll guide you through the whole process. With a mixture of real-life experience and professional guidance, our surrogacy portal is a great place to start.

LGBTQ Parents

The parenthood journey for same sex couples has never been so inspiring! We’ll take you through your options, and show you inspiring real-life couples and their beautiful families.

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IVF on the NHS when you’re 40, 41 or 42

IVF on the NHS when you’re 40, 41 or 42

What are your IVF NHS treatment options when you are facing your 40th birthday, or even over 40? This short post explains your options, and the potential impact of this cut-off point. The NHS offers women under 40 up to 3 cycles of IVF for free, under certain...

A short video about IVF for kids!

A short video about IVF for kids!

Here's a bite-sized introduction to IVF that's suitable for children of all ages. Whether you're explaining it to your existing kids, or you're a teacher telling your class why you're having time off, we hope you find it helpful! Many thanks to our wonderful intern...

The ultimate guide to having a baby when you’re gay

The ultimate guide to having a baby when you’re gay

Starting a family is often straightforward for heterosexual couples, but it can be far more complicated for same sex couples. Inspired by our young, gay dads Adam and Harvey, we've put together some up-do-date information on the laws and options open to gay and...

Introduction to assisted conception

Introduction to assisted conception

It's estimated that one in seven couples can struggle to get pregnant, and assisted conception can help to increase those odds. Assisted conception covers a lot of different procedures, but ultimately it is the process of helping to create a fertilised embryo. Is AC...